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Our team is very proud to provide tours for all types of physical activity. To ensure that you book tours suited to your level of physical activity, we have assigned Activity Levels to all of our tours. Book your tour today and have an amazing time when you travel with Free Spirit Travel Vacations and Events.


Tour levels can be found on each tour page under the Other Information Tab



Activity Level 1

With low physical activity requirements (15-30 minutes of walking with little difficulty) at a leisurely pace, Level 1 is perfect for those who want to explore new destinations without feeling rushed. From comfortable coach transport to accessible walking routes, Level 1 takes the stress out of traveling without sacrificing an ounce of excitement. So go ahead and book your next trip – with Level 1, there’s no need to slow down!


Activity Level 2

This is perfect for those who want a balanced approach to travel. It’s comfortable for walking at least 30-45 minutes over a variety of terrains, and perfect for those who want to explore a new city on foot. With a few hills or flights of stairs, this product level is perfect for those who like to take in everything their destination has to offer.


Activity Level 3

This travel experience is perfect for those who want to see everything their destination has to offer. With the ability to navigate hills and uneven ground (1-2 hours with little difficulty), as well as climb into various modes of transportation, you'll be able to explore every corner of your destination without missing a thing. Plus, with some longer days balanced with free time to recharge or set out on your own adventure, you'll have the perfect harmony of flexibility and exploration.


Activity Level 4

You’re always on the go, seeking new adventures. You can walk and bike around town, and can easily handle a longer walking tour. You can explore all sorts of terrains—including dusty or uneven paths—with little issue. Plus, you’re comfortable with different temperatures and altitudes, making it easy to enjoy your travel experiences no matter where you go.


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